Corporate Secretary

Zulfikar chainar born in jakarta on 13 february 1971 as citizen of republic of indonesia .He had been residing in indonesia and put the finishing touches to education in 1995 through in connection with the management directions in which their four on the faculty of economics &; notes to be so performed in connection with the management at the university of borobudur .Zulfikar chainar open his campaign against his career with bank bke permanently connecting the pole pieces as the manager of the work contract pt inco was administration to push forward a feb credits a director has said 1999 .He was subsequently lifted up as permanent staff in march 2000 in the same position .A year later , i e during the 2001 , so he should officials could lose their positions as a staff on the control of of credit provision he said .Career progresses through the position of the staff of the ministry & planning at the office of notes to be so performed; provide guidance on the formulation of branches 2005 and through the position of leader areas of planning on 2006 .After more or less 9 years leads the drivers championship on areas of planning , zulfikar he was appointed as the pjs planning division leaders &; notes to be so performed product development .Seven months later only to tear , in november 2015 , he is appointed became the leader of a division of & planning at the office of notes to be so performed; product development . In accordance with the decision of the board of directors on december 21 2016 was designated as the corporate secretary .