Cooperative Executing Loans

Cooperative Executing Loans

Credit given to a primary cooperative employees ( cooperative / employees ) and cooperative ( pkp / gkp-ri ) to working capital savings and loan for its members, where a bank do tying credit cooperative.

The target of the marketing of the channeling of credits to loan and save cooperative ( the pattern of executing ) pt pgn promised to supply:


  • Civil servants cooperative in the vicinity of the government agencies involved in the , state owned business entities ( BUMN ) , and regional owned business entities will ( BUMD ) .

  • Civil servants cooperative in private companies with kiteria the company is as follows:
    • Are legal entities limited company ( pt ).
    • Have operated more than 5 ( five ) years.
    • Not included in the economic sector and business activities containing high risk as:
      • Company commodities that are fluctuating high.
      • Company much influenced by a factor of ekstemal as faklor weather and others – other.
      • In location of economic activities that is in a particular location, such as the area conflict / unrest or disaster prone.
  • A period of time for seven facilities: maximum seven years .

Uses facilities

  • Fund their working capital savings and loan employee cooperative / employees


  • Versed more than 24 years serving credit for cooperatives civil servants / state-owned companies / bumd and cooperatives professional workers
  • The process easy and fast with marketing active pick up the ball
  • Flowers competitive
  • Disbursement could be done through account cooperatives

Requirements and provisions:



Requirements and provisions



KMK – Koperasi Pola Executing


Criteria debtor requirements

  1. The general requirements for other mfis are cooperatives:

    • Cooperatives have legal entities .

    • Cooperatives having a savings and loan business that have opened in the at least for 2 ( two ) years .

    • Among the and supervisory cooperatives can having the family ties .

    • Cooperatives and cooperative managers were not enrolled in credit problematic ( its kotektibilitas 3 , 4 and 5 ) based on the results of bank checking for 12 ( twelve ) months .

    • Cooperative managers not and office in management of primary cooperatives / secondary other .

    • Specifically to of primary cooperatives , cooperative managers come from agencies or company over cooperatives , where one of cooperative managers have to permanent staff / active in agency or company over cooperatives .

    • Special to cooperatives secondary , when the applicant is pkp-ri so pkp-ri had been a a member of gkp-ri officials and for gkp-ri has become a member of IKP-RI .

  2. General terms for prospective members borrowers ( specifically to primary cooperative:

    • The members of the cooperative active as evidenced by the payment of compulsory savings of every month accompanied proof of payment compulsory savings of for 3 ( three ) months.

    • Age: at least the age of 21 ( twenty one ) year.Maximum age does not exceed retirement age when credit due.

    • Are permanent staff in agency or company over cooperatives.Were not enrolled in kedit troubled in the cooperative.

    • Had a bank account at as the bank accounts borrowed from a cooperative to prospective members borrowers.


Documents loans proposals

  1. Filling out a loan application ( fpp ).

  2. A copy of the ratification of the cooperative as a body laws or a copy of the ratification of the amendment of articles of association last .

  3. A copy of rat for 2 ( two ) years past .

  4. A photocopy of taxpayer number npwp director general in the name of cooperatives .

  5. Photocopy of id card cooperative managers consisting of the management of the cooperatives.

  6. A letter many human beings and cooperatives that in legalisir by pkp-ri / gkp of the republic of indonesia or the office for cooperatives and stated that they are not there have been instances of the family relationship .

  7. A power of attorney with the signing of the credit agreement .

  8. Of photocopying documents collateral and it can reach , if were required to .


Additional documentation

  1. The treasury bills salary.

  2. A copy of the cash for 3 months.

  3. Photocopy slip salary / companies salary 1 months.

  4. List of candidates borrowers ( dcp ) and said it was entering the members troubled.

  5. Carte blanche salary cut off by of prospective borrowers to authorities slaughter salary.

  6. Carte blanche pendebetan giro accounts.


Maximal Plafond Kredit

  1. Maximum loans that can be given according to to the the maximum limit the provision of credit ( bmpk which is valid .

  2. Specifically to of primary cooperatives , maksimat plafond credit determined based on debt to equity ratio ( der ):

    • Maximum der of 800 % or eight times can be given as the following provisions:

      • Bad debt < 5%

      • Loans were given to end user ( members cooperatives ).

      • The cooperation agreement cut salary between cooperative managers with treasurer official hrd / human resources related parts in soe / bumd private and national to ensure cutting salary be done in right in accordance with the schedule installments.

    • If bad debt >5 % , so to set aside a maximum der as much as 500 % or 5 times raised its key rate .

  1. Special secondary to cooperatives , credit maximum plafond determined from the ratio of collateral value build on the credit arrangement about security .


A period of loans

o set aside a maximum 84 the moon 7 years

Between bank credit time frame is to cooperatives to be the same with credit time frame is between cooperatives with prospective members borrowers .


Lending rates



Costs of the credit

  1. Notary

  2. Administration ( corresponding )

  3. Provision ( corresponding )

  4. Life insurance premium to end user borrowers in the cooperative primary ( corresponding )


Setting the withdrawal of credit loan

According to a list of candidates for borrowers ( dcp ) from bank.


Pattern credit repayments

Installment (Principal; + Lending)


Tying credit

  1. Binding credit for plafond and loans plafond + tray debit ) as much as & it is >Rp .5 billion made possible done in in their hands .
  2. Binding credit for plafond and loans plafond + tray debit ) as much as > Rp .5 billion done in notarial
  3. All the credit that are mandated use physical collateral obligatory in notarial .


Type of collateral

  1. Guarantee credit for filings of primary cooperative of funding of 1 ( one ) times installment in biokir to credit keel.

  2. Guarantee credit for filings of secondary cooperative is mortgage assets of fix ( the ground and or building ).


Value collateral

125 % for loan facility from a cooperative secondary .