PT Bank Kesejahteraan Ekonomi was established on October 4, 1991, based on a notarial deed No.37 of Siti Pertiwi Henny Shidki, S.H., notary in Jakarta, which was then amended by notarial deed No.122 dated November 20, 1991 by the same notary. The Bank’s deed of establishment has been approved by the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Indonesia in its Decision Letter No.C2- 7107 HT.01.01.Th91 dated November 27, 1991 and was published in the State Gazette of the Republic of Indonesia No.528 Supplement No.11 dated February 7, 1992.

The Bank’s Articles of Association have been amended several times, the latest amendment by Judy K.H. Sentana, S.H., M.H., notary in Jakarta, No.17 dated February 21, 2013, concerning the changed the authorized capital Bank. This amendment was approved by Minister of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia in its Decision Letter No.AHU.01.10-11320 dated March 28, 2013.

Bank BKE started operations in banking activities on February 27, 1992 after obtaining a business license as a commercial bank based on the Decree of the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia No.256/ KMK.013/1991 dated February 21, 1992.

Core Capital

BKE Bank’s core capital until April 30, 2020 has reached IDR 1,411,064,000,000

The Purpose of Establishment

PT. Bank Kesejahteraan Ekonomi or called the Bank BKE, start date 27 february 1992 on the basis of a decree finance minister republic of indonesia no 256 / kmk.013 / 1992 on 21 february 1992. The initial idea of the founders of the at that moment is to set up the that set by commercial banks , groups that are banks the welfare of , who did play a role to support it should also be noted are all in good health however been several attempts to improve the welfare of civil servants and his family , through the banner of partnership with Induk Koperasi Indonesia ( KP-RI ) and intelligence agencies have other kind of economic undertaking as well as the community in general . The notion of the founders is also reflected by the bank kesejahteraan logo , namely the shaped symmetrical blades that rotates show configuration letter b and k which means bank and welfare . The form of the symmetrical that rotates symbolizing closely and in cooperation with components industrial components , commercial and other banks and people in a a dynamic of rotary motion , and gave you due proportion in rhythm to false all the time grown and developed by balance between the objectives and strength .

Bank BKE involved and to support efforts to improve the welfare of civil servants ( civil servants ) cooperative in partnership with the indonesian civil servants ( KP-RI ) and the businesses and the public in general .