Internal Audit Charter

Bank BKE has arranged Internal Audit Charter pursuant to PBI No: 1/6/1999 regarding Appointment of Compliance Director and application of Implementation Standard of Internal Audit Function of Commercial Bank speci cally Chapter III on the Implementation Standard of Bank Internal Audit Function Article 9. This Charter is one of the indicators in realizing sustainable Good Corporate Governance in PT Bank BKE according to the GCG implementation principles in nancial performance growth.

In the course of the Internal Audit Charter or Internal Audit Charter needs to be reviewed and revised to t the complexity of the Bank’s business activities, therefore on October 10, 2017 PT Bank BKE has revised the Internal Audit Charter and has been signed by the Board of Commissioners, President Director and Compliance Director on October 10, 2017. The revision was made in relation to the issuance of Circular of the Financial Services Authority (OJK) Number 35/SEOJK.03/2017 dated July 7 2017 Regarding Guidelines on Standards for Internal Control Systems for Commercial Banks as the basis of the Internal Audit Charter policy which explains:

  1. Bank already has an Internal Control System but has not ful lled the Standard Guidelines for the Internal Control System for Commercial Banks.
  2. Internal Control System Standard Guidelines for Commercial Banks shall cover at least 5 ( ve) main components, namely:
    • Supervision by management and control culture.
    • Risk identi cation and assessment.
    • Activity control and separation functions.
    • Accounting, information and communication systems
    • Monitoring activities and corrective action of deviations

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