BKE Savings

BKE saving in Rupiah currency tailored for individual customers with any time withdrawal and competitive interest rate calculation system under agreed terms and condition to provide easy and convenience banking transaction.

Benefit :

  • Free Administration for balances above IDR 10 Million per month
  • Interest rates up to 5% * according to the nominal balance
  • Free cost withdrawals at ATM Bersama and ALTO For 3 x withdrawals a month
  • Can do transactions anywhere and anytime with SMS Banking


  • Individual
    1. Minimum age 17 years
    2. Fill out and sign the individual account opening form
    3. Attach a valid copy of of a national identity card / a driving license / passport taxpayer number npwp director general / ( a foreign country ( foreigners ) shall be obliged to submit a photocopy of russian passports and kims / kitas / kitap which is issued the immigration office who is authorized ) .
  • Non Individual

    1. Fill out and sign the Business Enterprise account opening form
    2. Copy of legality documents, namely Articles of Association (AD) / Amendments, SIUP, SITU, TDP, NPWP and legalization as legal entities.
    3. The original power of attorney to the authorized party
*) terms and conditions may change at any time