Pension Savings

Pension savings are savings with various favorable facilities , simple and secure , and furnished with atm cards tailored to your retirement .

Ease and advantage:

  • Profitable Savings interest rates higher than the interest rate ordinary savings
  • Free monthly administration fee

Tarif Tabungan

Setoran Awal Setoran Minimum Biaya Administrasi Biaya Penutupan Saldo Minimum Ganti Buku Ganti ATM Biaya Dormant
10.000 10.000 10.000


Requirements and provisions:
Attaching papers to open the accounts:

  • Of photocopying documents identities ( of a national identity card , a passport that are still in effect )
  • Attaching papers id cards were given hang it up and retire ( karip / they obtain documents they do equals to a total of )
  • A copy of the letter their invoice hang it up and retire
  • Foto colored the size of 4×6 latest

Rates and costs:

No. Note Costs
1. Interest rates savings 3.00%p.a
2. Starting balance
3. A minimum balance Rp. 10.000,-
4. Minimum subscription
Rp. 10.000,-
5. Administrative costs
6. Cost of closing accounts Rp. 10.000,-