Pintar Savings

Pintar Saving is a time deposit with a monthly deposit amount and a certain period of time in which the principal and interest obtained can only be taken at maturity.


  • Free monthly administration fee and free of charge otodebet
  • Obtain a certificate of savings and a copy of the account per 3 months
  • Savings can have more than 1 PINN Account account
  • Interest rates on ordinary savings
  • Accumulated interest is calculated on a monthly basis, so funds will grow more optimally
  • Free to determine the date of debiting
  • Can have more than 1 account at the same or different branch office
  • Statement of savings investment returns submitted every 3 months
  • Debit deposit is done automatically
  • Free consultation with our professional Customer Service
  • You can add funds to Smart Savings outside of monthly deposit
  • No dormant cost.

*) terms and Conditions apply

Requirements Opening an intimate savings account as a funding source

  • Opening an intimate savings account as a source of funds
  • An individual is at least 18 years old and a maximum of 60 years old (client age + jangaka time of contract), age of nasabag calculation for equal to or more than 6 months then counted as one year
  • Fill out and sign the Smart Savings Account Opening form
  • Attaching a copy of valid ID / Driving License / Passport

Terms and Condition

  • Smart Savings Period of at least 1 year and maximum 10 years
  • Smart Savings period and monthly deposit amount can not be changed until the due date
  • Per month fixed deposit amount per account minimum RP 100,000, – and maximum Rp 1,000,000, – with multiple of Rp 50,000, –
  • If the savers have more than 1 Smart Savings account then the maximum monthly deposit for all accounts held is RP 5,000,000
  • PINTAR savings can not be withdrawn or closed before maturity, but in the event of withdrawal before maturity will be penalized 2% of the accumulated savings balance or at least Rp 100,000
  • PINTAR Savings Accounts are calculated based on daily balances and will be booked after deducting taxes according to prevailing cumulative prevailing regulations at the beginning of the month
  • PINTAR savings will be automatically closed before maturity if the customer in arrears monthly deposits for 3 months in a row with penalty fees and closing costs. While the balance of savings account PINTAR will be in the edits to the account of the source of funds (Savings Mesra)
*) terms and conditions may change at any time