Safe Deposit Box

Safe-deposit box is storage facility for customers to keep goods and documents valuable with the security system that has been designed specifically , that provides protection maximum on goods valuable and documents from the incident , theft and their risks of losing with a system of special security as supplying a special room , the introduction of fingerprints , pins , and the key safety double .


  • Provide some level of protection security and secrecy goods that is stored customers .
  • Furnished two types of an extremely secure key where sdb opened with a master key that is stored bank and customer key that was deposited by customers together .
  • The storage space cool furnished with the security system bank .
  • Ease the payment of a rent through auto debit account .
  • A lease competitive tariffs .
  • Service hours each work day started at 08.00-15.30 .
  • There is no money key .

Requirements and provisions:

  • Created a bank account BKE .
  • The request to sign the form filling and sdb .
  • Contribute to the first annual to a period of one year .
  • Tuition annual Rp .500.000,00 sdb medium-size 12,7x25x60cm