SMS Banking

Sms banking bke is the information banking that can be accessed directly by satellite phone with uses the media sms .

Requirements and the following provisions:

  1. The customers bke the owner account of ( individuals ) giro or saving account .
  2. Customers operator GSM such as: Telkomsel , Indosat and XL.
  3. Having cell phone GSM .
  4. Have the card bank cash machines welfare .
  5. Customers can only register one phone number for one account.

Registration way sms banking:

  • Registration in ATM, enter atm cards accompanied by 6 digit pin atm cards register in atm bke , into the menu sms banking registration , do the following step:
    • Select sms banking
    • Input your cell phone number .
    • Input Code in access ( own tin sms banking number ( 6 digits ) about 2x registration and finished .
    • After successfully to register atm bke , they can get registration from than atms bke and on the cellphone will receive sms success of 3535 registration .
  • Regristration in EDC, customers can come to a branch bke closest to bring:
    • Cards indentitas self ( ktp , sim , passport ) .
    • Bring possession of a savings account amorous / checking accounts or atm cards bke .
    • Customer service will help customers to do registration through a machine edc bke .
    • Customers do swipe atm cards bke , then input pin and enter a number cell phones and input 6 three-digit numeral tin , registration done .
    • After successfully to register atm bke, they can get registration from than atms bke and on the cellphone will receive sms success of 3535 registration.

Tarif SMS Banking

Besarnya biaya transaksi finansial dan non finansial SMS Banking ATM

Kriteria Tarif
Inquiry Saldo Gratis
Pemindahbukuan antar rekening BKE Gratis
Transfer ke Bank lain 7.500
Ubah Pin Gratis
Saldo tidak cukup 3.000


Besarnya Biaya Transaksi SMS Banking Tabungan Premium

Kriteria Tarif
Cek Saldo 550
Transfer 7.500


Limit Maksimum Transfer dan Pemindahbukuan

No Keterangan Batas Nominal
1 Transfer antar Bank per Transaksi
2 Transfer antar Bank per hari
3 Pemindahbukuan per transaksi antar rekening BKE
4 Pemindahbukuan per hari antar rekening BKE