Premium Savings

Premium savings are savings flowering customers daily which was allocated to individuals as well as companies with facilities and services are premiun with a system of tiered flowers and equivalent deposits .


  • Application of lending rate in stages and calculated based on balance daily.
  • Interest rates maximum equivalent deposit.
  • The early minimum Rp.500,000, the next minimum Rp.100,000, a minimum balance settles Rp.500,000, transfer among the people accounts to Rp.50.000.000, per day.
  • Inter bank transfer to Rp.25.000.000, per day.
  • Inter bank transfer to rp.25.000.000, per day.
  • Savings premium obtain a safe-deposit box ( sdb ).
  • Design atm cards special.
  • The cost and services banking services other follow the rule in a bank bke.

The conditions and the following provisions:


  • Individuals who has ably law .
  • Fill out the form bookkeeping a savings account premium .
  • Hand over a photocopy of identity sim / id card is valid for a passport .
  • Hand over a taxpayer code number card tax if yet to come up with a statement of such data is obliged to attach such data do not yet have .

Non individuals:

  • Filling in the forms the opening of a savings account premium .
  • Hand over a photocopy of the identity of the id card /sim / passport .
  • Hand over a photocopy of documentation legality covering the deed of establishment of the company and change , siup , tdp , and a letter of domicile taxpayer number npwp .
  • A power of attorney native in the hands of authorized .

) Terms and the regulation will be changed at any time and will be shared by a bank bke .