Whistleblowing System

PT Bank BKE strives to proactively conduct internal control e orts in order to keep its business activities from any risk potential that could give loss to the Bank, both nancial and non nancials One of the e orts is establishing e ectiveness o raud control system implementation through whistleblowing system.

Whistleblowing system is a system or reporting mechanism established to report an event or violation done by employee which could give loss to Bank BKE as trusted nancial institution.

Every rank in PT Bank BKE must actively prevent any fraud. Until present the existing whistleblowing reporting system in PT Bank BKE is still based on written report to the Human Capital Head Division.

Scope of the whistleblowing reporting that is eligible to be done by all level of PT Bank BKE includes issue between supervisor and subordinate, fraud, violation of code of conduct and employment problems.

The expected goals with whistleblowing system implementation at PT Bank BKE are including:

  1. The achievement of continuous improvement with the ful llment of the needs of customers both for employees as internal customers and for the community as external customers who have mutual interests over improving the quality and development performance of PT Bank BKE.
  2. Prevent violations through the creation of a healthy and fair working environment.
  3. As the early warning system of the media against any events that potentially cause losses so as to reduce the risk that may be faced by PT Bank BKE.
  4. The real manifestation of PT Bank BKE against good corporate governance practices.

Whistleblowing reporting mechanism system at PT Bank BKE is done by the following process:

  1. Employees who know or nd fraud may report the incident by mail, email or sms to the Head of Human Capital Division.
  2. Each incoming report will be investigated in advance by coordinating with the Audit Division that will act as an investigative team to conduct a thorough investigative activity and submit the results of the investigation to the President Director and then set a decision on the report.
  3. The results of the research will be submitted to the Personnel Management Committee to nd the best solution which can then be taken rm action if it is proven based on facts can harm or threat PT Bank BKE.