Executing Cooperative Credit

Credit given to a primary cooperative employees ( cooperative / employees ) and cooperative ( PKP/ GKP-RI) to working capital savings and loan for its members, where a bank do tying credit cooperative.

The intended target is Cooperatives (Simpan Pinjam) with executing pattern 

  • Civil servants cooperative in the vicinity of the government agencies involved in the state owned business entities (BUMN) and regional owned business entities¬† (BUMD) .

  • Civil servants cooperative in private companies with the following company criteria:
    • Are legal entities limited company ( PT).
    • Have operated more than 5 ( five ) years.
    • Not included in the economic sector and business activities containing high risk as:
      • Company commodities that are fluctuating high.
      • Company much influenced by a factor of external as factor weather and others.
      • In location of economic activities that is in a particular location, such as the area conflict unrest or / disaster prone.
  • A period of time for seven facilities: maximum seven years .

Uses facilities

  • Fund their working capital savings and loan employee cooperative / employees


  • Versed more than 24 years serving credit for cooperatives civil servants / state-owned companies / bumd and cooperatives professional workers
  • The process easy and fast with marketing active pick up the ball
  • Flowers competitive
  • Disbursement could be done through account cooperatives

Requirements and provisions:

  • Fill in the Loan Application Form (FPP).
  • Copy of RAT of cooperative as a legal entity
  • Copy of RAT for the last 2 (two) years.
  • Copy of NPWP on behalf of the cooperative.
  • Copy of KTP of cooperative management consisting of the cooperative’s core management.
  • Cooperative management letter legalized by PKP-RI / GKP RI or the Cooperative Office and states there is no family relationship.
  • Letter of authorization for signing a credit agreement.
  • Power of Attorney Account debit.
  • Supporting Documents:
    a. List of treasurer salary bills 
    b. Copy of cash book for the past 3 months.
    c. Copy of salary slip / salary recap of the last 1 month.
    d. List of prospective borrowers (DCP) and states not entered into problematic cooperative members.
    e. Power of attorney for salary deductions by prospective borrowers
    f. Official authorized to make salary deductions