Costumer Complaints Mechanism

In implementing business activity banking services , bank sometimes cannot always meet the expectations of customers. If this happens , can also be discontent and complaints from customers .These complaints can subject of the complaint to banks and bank will try to provide solutions the best .

How to do the complaints to the Bank:


  • By telephone, including call center 0-800-1-535-535 ( services to 24 hours toll free ) provided by bank.
  • Came to the nearest branch banks.

2 .In writing:

  • Convey official letter addressed to bank , by means of them directly , sent by facsimile to the bank .
  • Through e-mail or website bank .
  • Complaints in writing must be accompanied a copy of the identity and supporting documents such as subscription:
    • evidence or withdrawal .
    • Evidence transfer .
    • Current account
    • Other documents relating to which transactions are conducted and or claims to be told .

3 .Representative:

  • When customer complaints filed by representatives of customers :
    • Copy of evidence of identity customers and representatives of customers .
    • A power of attorney to a customer from depositor said that customers giving authority act for and on behalf of customers .
    • If the customers or legal entity institutions are hence to be attached to a document stating the authority of the authorities to represent the institution or body of law .

Acceptance of complaints by bank:

  • Bank receiving any complaints being filed by customers and or representative customer either verbally and written .
  • Bank provides an explanation on policies and procedures resolution was when customers and or representative customers any complaints .
  • Bank give a receipt , if complaints asked in writing .
  • All office banks can accepted complaints customers .

If resolution was delivered by bank still not satisfactory customers
In terms of resolution was associated with financial loss not satisfactory customers , so can be completed between customers with a bank facilitated bank indonesia by mediation banking .