Costumer Complaints Mechanism

How to do the complaints to the Bank:


  • By telephone, including call center 1500 130 ( 24 hours service) provided by bank.

2 .In writing:

Delivering an official letter addressed to the bank, by way of delivery directly to the SeaBank Bank Customer Service Division.
Sopo Del Tower A, Lt. 26, Mega Kuningan Barat III, RT. 5 / RW. 2 Kuningan Timur, Setia Budi. South Jakarta
Via e-mail
Written complaints must be accompanied by a photocopy of identity and information 
as well as other supporting documents such as:
a. Scan copy of the eKTP
b. Proof of transfer
c. Other documents relating to the type & date of the transaction made and the complaint
    to be submitted.

3. Customer Representative:

a. If a complaint is filed by a Customer Representative, then in addition to the above documents, 
    other documents are also submitted, namely
b.  Photocopy of proof of identity of the Customer and Customer Representative.
c.  Power of Attorney from the Customer to the Customer's Representative stating that 
     the Customer has given the authority to act for and on behalf of the Customer.
     If the Customer's Representative is an institution or legal entity, it must be attached with 
     a document stating the authority of the party authorized to represent the institution or 
     legal entity.

4. Acceptance of Complaints by Banks:

a. The Bank accepts every complaint submitted by the Customer and / or Customer Representative either 
     orally to the Call Center 1500 130 or in writing to email
b.  The Bank provides an explanation of the policy and procedure for complaint resolution when
      a Customer and / or Customer Representative submits a complaint.
c.   The Bank will follow up and resolve Customer complaints a maximum of 5 working days for 
       oral complaints, and a maximum of 20 working days for written complaints, and can be extended
       for 2 x 20 days in certain cases according to the provisions with prior notification to the Customer.

In the event that the settlement of the complaint is not satisfactory to the Customer, the Customer may:

1. File an objection by attaching new supporting documents that have not been submitted;
2. Submit a facility request to the regulator (BI / OJK) for handling complaints;
3. Strive for dispute resolution in accordance with applicable regulations