SeaBank Savings (Digital)

is a SeaBank digital account that can be accessed through a mobile application to fulfill your financial activities anytime and anywhere.

With Savings (Digital), you can:

  • Perform transfers and/or payments to both SeaBank Digital Account and non-SeaBank users anytime
  • Receive incoming transfers and/or payments from both SeaBank Digital and non-SeaBank users using your account number

You will also enjoy the following benefits by using Savings (Digital):

  • Higher Savings Interest
  • Earn Interest Daily
  • No Admin & Transfer Fees

Terms of Services

Please refer to this link for full Terms of Services

Please note that:

  • Currently SeaBank is unable to open a new digital Savings account if you have a conventional savings account at SeaBank (formerly Bank BKE)
  • To always comply with the Bank Terms of services, including always maintaining the confidentiality of password, PIN, and OTP. The bank will not be liable for any losses caused by customer’s fault.

Account Opening Process

Please refer to link here 

Fees & Rates

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You may visit the link here for more information.